Reasons Why Prisoners Have Pen Pals

05 Sep

We need to really realize how prisons can be lonely places. Even there are many other inmates, the prison can be boring at times. In this manner, some people are choosing to write to complete strangers to communicate and choose to converse with these people. It is easier for people to really reach out and chat now that we live in this digital age. Thus, writing old school letters may not be the thing you will be expecting to happen. In some cases writing a letter may make your feel a bit quaint. Some people choose to communicate with inmates and answer some online advertisement where there are calls for people to write to people behind bars. One can find some websites where one can learn about the information about a certain inmate and get to know the information of the inmate before corresponding. Of course, they will also be blunt about the kind of relationship they are seeking. There are organizations willing to match people from the outside world with the people behind bars and contact a prisoner. There are people who are interested about the life of an inmate.  Inmates try to have their convict pen pals for various reasons.

Relationships are the leading reasons why most inmates are looking for gay prison pen pal.  Some inmates may not have regular visits from family members or friends. The regular connection with family members may be no longer there. Some of the inmates' relatives may have ventured somewhere. This can happen especially to the inmates serving long sentences.  In turn, they would end up reaching out to strangers to kill the boredom and to break the feeling of loneliness. In most cases, the relationship might blossom into a deeper level and not just in the level of friendship. There have been cases where the prison pen pals ended up in marriage. It is not a far fetched idea of some inmates ending up marrying their pen pals which may happen after they are released from prison. Know more about pen pals at

The thing is that the prison can be a lonely place for anyone. The thing is that the prison can be really cold and cruel. The thing is that even if the place has another person, it may be a dark, boring place that one needs to have a relationship with a friend.

Make sure to be aware about the rules on writing to inmates when it comes to corresponding with them. Be aware that there are censors that may read the letters before it is given to the inmate. Make sure you are not violating any law or be restricted in communicating.

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